Fuselage plug – shaping the plug

Fuselage plug – shaping the plug

The next big step is to get the desired shape of the fuselage roughed out in foam. Here a visualization can be seen of the spine which is closely fit into the fuselage shape.

This is the goal: the fuselage plug from the spinner up to the tail section.

Initially the choice was made to build the fuselage shape from EPS foam by gluing foam blocks together and cutting and sanding the foam to the desired shape. CNC’ed frames would provide for guidance at specific intervals.

However the foam sponsor, www.IsolatieWereld.nl, had a contact available which could mill the foam plug into shape. Although costing a bit of money, the result is more than worth it. Saving loads of time and being much more accurate. What do you think of their work?

It looks a bit like a model, until you see the size of the milling machine. WOW.